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life_as_music's Journal

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everyone has a unique set of musical artists that they enjoy the most, whose albums they have listened to a hundred times and never gotten sick of.....but sometimes it is one song, one set of lyrics that seems epitomize what you are experiencing emotionally at a point in your life. whether it be that one song by the smiths that played while you shared your first kiss or a radiohead song that helped you through hard times, we want to hear about it. you had an amazing night and 'ziggy stardust' was the theme song? tell us about it! created an amazing painting/poem/shirt/sculpture that was inspired by slowdive? we want to see it. maybe you created a art piece that is far more relevant when associated with a set of lyrics....go ahead....share!

This is a community for those whose lives are closely intertwined with the music they listen to. share art of any medium, writing or sculpture, anything is accepted, only requirement being that it must be associated with a particular song or certain album.

fellow music lovers, go ahead, show us a little piece of your life and maybe we will realize that our separate lives move to the same beat.

there is no need for new members to introduce themselves, however if you really feel the need please also add something interesting to the discussion

please keep on topic, advertisement for zines or other communities is fine as long as it is related to the theme of the community

posts off topic will be deleted, there are plenty of communities for you to join if this one is not to your taste.