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Hip Hop Artist Karolina Blue Drops 2nd Single, "Times Is Hard," From Debut Album Street Educated

Hip hop artist Karolina Blue announced the release of “Times Is Hard,” which is the second track from his debut album Street Educated. “Times Is Hard” follows his debut single, “Street Educated,” which was well received by critics and fans, and released on Karolina Blue’s own label M-Stars Entertainment. Both tracks and the full EP are available at all major online retailers.
“Times Is Hard” begins slowly with an electronic guitar intro and then goes right into a hard groove mode. The bass, percussion, guitar riffs, and background harmonies are the perfect backdrop for the story Karolina Blue is conveying. Lyrically impressive from beginning to end, “Times Is Hard” addresses the struggle of many black families that is all too common these days with a single mother raising several kids and struggling to make it through times that are almost impossible – not just hard. But he gives his mother props for the job she did with the hand she was dealt – something many more inner city youth should understand and be thankful for. “Though times are hard/We’ll make a way” “It must be the norm/Black kids being poor/And some of them black kids don’t have a mother to adore/Nor father in the house/So they’re looking at the world/Seeing no way out/”. “Times Is Hard” is definitely a solid, profound, and thought provoking track that is truly meaningful in today’s society.
Street Educated can be purchased at the following online retailers: http://www.amazon.com/Street-Educated-Explicit/dp/B004JYQFHK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1312585708&sr=8-2

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