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AndrewVictoria Music Duo: Triple Threat & Triple Treat!

Show like American Idol, Xfactor and Karaoke Battle USA are proving there's a wealth of fabulous undiscovered singers and musicians out there. But how many of them write their own material, work the stage like they were born to it, and can sell originals to audiences who line up after a show for an autograph on a simple home-produced acoustic CD?
That's the magic of singer/songwriter duo, AndrewVictoria who have been stacking up the honors for their songwriting since February 2011 when they won "Songwriter of the Month" at SONGWRITER'S UNIVERSE for their original, "It's Not Over". A month or two later, they took out 2nd place in New York's CLASH OF THE ARTISTS songwriting division for 3 more songs.
This was followed in June by a fabulous win in their own hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, when they took home "the DEVA" and a cash prize for their gorgeous song "REPEAT YESTERDAY" in the H24 Songwriting Challenge. That contest was indeed a challenge to all who entered: contestants were given 24 hours to come up with an original song that adhered to 3 strict criteria. They then had to perform it for a live audience 24 hours later. You can read the details and see a video of the events while listening to the song itself at AndrewVictoria's YouTube site. Incidentally, AndrewVictoria also provide a link there for a FREE DOWNLOAD of this beautiful love-song, "Repeat Yesterday".
Website: http://www.andrewvictoria.com

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