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Donna Loren's Shindig! Live Online Concert

TV's 60s hit show "Shindig" gave Donna a platform to sing new and innovative songs of the day. Full circle, there's lots more inspiration to sing about with her new show. Buckle up in your Front Row Seat to reminisce as well as explore new possibilities. The phenomenon of the music from the Sixties has permeated several generations. Thank you, John, Paul, George and Ringo, Keith and Mick, for being vital today!
Piano accompaniment by Carl Byron in an intimate living room setting.
How does this work?
1. Register and get your ticket NOW at http://www.stageit.com/donna_loren/donna_loren_s_shindig/4771.
2. If you choose to wait til showtime, be sure to allow AT LEAST 15-minutes before the show to register and get your ticket.
3. Enjoy the show on October 2nd @ 1pm PST
Website: DonnaLoren.net

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